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Reduces oil consumption and improves compression through optimally flexible sealing. Stabilizes the motor oil and provides ideal oil pressure. Reduces engine noise build-up and ensures outstanding lubricating film stability. Reduces wear.

-34% Cena: 10,40  Výpredaj: 6,86 


Katalógové číslo: LM-1017

Lubricates and protects valve seat ring on vehicles that originally required leaded fuel. Reduces wear on the cylinder head, maintaining optimal compression. Prevents engine breakdown and increases reliability.

-34% Cena: 10,00  Výpredaj: 6,60 


Katalógové číslo: LM-1010

Maintains and protects the entire fuel system from wear, deposits and corrosion. Improves engine running and prevents performance decrease. Clean engines need less fuel and reduce emissions.

-34% Cena: 11,40  Výpredaj: 7,52 


Katalógové číslo: LM-5108

Protects the valves in the engine and absorbs peak temperatures. The selected combination of additives ensures optimal lubrication as well as clean combustion. Expensive repairs and engine damage are thus avoided. Maintains vehicle performance and prevents loss of compression. Valve Protection for Gas Vehicles does not contain any organometallic compounds and has no negative effects on catalytic converters.

-34% Cena: 23,00  Výpredaj: 15,18 


Katalógové číslo: LM-4012

This highly modern fuel additive was specially developed to noticeably improve acceleration and throttle response under partial load. Provides more driving pleasure through optimized performance yield. The engine starts better and even runs more smoothly.

-34% Cena: 7,50  Výpredaj: 4,95 


Katalógové číslo: LM-3720

Provides ideal engine power. Removes deposits on valves, in the combustion chamber and prevents renewed formation. Saves fuel. Optimizes the emission test values and performance of the engine. Improves compression. Clean engines need less fuel and reduce emissions.

-34% Cena: 6,30  Výpredaj: 4,16 


Katalógové číslo: LM-1014

The MoS2 additive creates a heavy-duty lubricant film on all frictioning and sliding metal surfaces. It reduces friction, wear and decreases temperature peaks. The result is a smoother run, softer shifting and a nearly wear-free running-in in gear wheels, friction couples and tribological pairings. Reliability and antifriction properties are significantly increased.

-34% Cena: 11,00  Výpredaj: 7,26 


Katalógové číslo: LM-1040

Special active solvent for cleaning typical dirt and deposits in the intake and throttle valve area. Loosens and removes all dirty deposits and dirt such as oil, resin, glue, etc. It guarantees the functional performance of the moving parts and reduces fuel consumption. Increases the reliability of gasoline-powered engines.

-34% Cena: 13,10  Výpredaj: 8,65 


Katalógové číslo: LM-5111
Cena: 7,10  Výpredaj: 3,83 
Katalógové číslo:: OSRALB H7
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Cena: 5,10  Výpredaj: 2,75 
Katalógové číslo:: OSRALB H4
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Cena: 6,20  Výpredaj: 4,09 
Katalógové číslo:: 7585
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Cena: 3,50  Výpredaj: 2,31 
Katalógové číslo:: 1501
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Cena: 3,50  Výpredaj: 2,31 
Katalógové číslo:: 1502
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